A story told through

the language of art.

On the 4th floor of via ventura 15 in Milan there is a space with great potential. It’s called C‑Place. Created by art & design collector Christoph Jenny, C‑Place has four different multi-purpose areas for rental. Avant-garde, authentic charm and inspirational aesthetics live in the rooms at C‑Place and they express themselves through artwork, design, historical architecture and an exclusive atmosphere. At C‑place every space was born to be transformed into something else: a showroom, a conference room, an event room or even an art gallery. Let C‑Place be a part of your story.

“Every place has

a story to tell."

"Our mission is to preserve

contemporary art."



C‑Place is located in the heart of Lambrate, in the so-called Milan Design & Art District. For many years this area has been recognized as a meeting point for all design lovers, but it is more than that. Via Ventura has a hidden, mysterious and captivating side. It is the place where great art galleries were born and where, until recently, you could breathe the air of the most charming neighborhoods in London. C‑Place was born with a very high ambition: it wants to reveal the hidden side of Via Ventura and bring to light that contemporary art is present, even outside of conventional contexts.